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Recovery Coaching

Create a strong foundation with the support of a recovery coach. Each coaching package will be customized to meet your recovery goals.

Recovery Coaching is an empowering, holistic and proactive model of care that is designed to meet the goals of the client and family.  

Recovery coaching is often useful for someone finishing residential treatment or in conjunction with an intensive outpatient or other outpatient treatments.  The coach acts as conduit between all providers and can provide weekly status updates to the concerned other.  The coach can often assist the client in building a recovery support team including helping in the development of a social support group and providing referrals to medical and psychiatric care if needed. 


Recovery coaching promotes individual accountability, and aids in relapse prevention and recovery efforts through regular scheduled sessions, daily texting, urine drug screening and family calls. 


When possible, family recovery coaching may be a suitable model to move the whole family from addiction to recovery.  Family involvement can bolster a person’s success in recovery and can help to establish healthy boundaries and to improve communication patterns among key figures in the person’s life.




Weekly sessions with the addicted individual(s) and family support network

Weekly Collaboration with all treatment providers 

Emergency counseling sessions if in crisis or in relapse

Drug Testing

Weekly assignments

Goal Setting

24 hour Phone & email support

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