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About Me


I am a licensed clinical social worker with 20 years of experience working with individuals and families, educating students, supervising clinicians and improving communities.  I am experienced in a wide range of areas working with vulnerable populations.



My commitment to research, ethics and best practices has made me a nationally recognized addiction expert. With multiple print, television and online appearances including CNN and the Economist, I am sought-after public speaker and presenter on the topics of substance use disorders and mental illness.


My life’s mission is to help individuals, families and communities heal from addiction and other mental health challenges.  



I provide a safe, nurturing, and culturally sensitive environment, in order to facilitate a healing from emotional pain using evidence-based practices and models.

recovery coaching

Recovery Coaching

A customized, comprehensive program designed to provide support and accountability by working one on one and with the family.  May include monitoring through drug testing.  Sessions may be live or through tele-health.



Addiction is a painful, debilitating and often isolating disease. When an addicted family member or loved one denies they have a problem or does not accept help, a professionally guided intervention is often the right, and only choice. 



Customized toolkits and workshops to educate mental health practitioners, medical community, students, faculty, employers and communities on addiction and related topics.

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