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Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is a proactive and empowering approach to care, tailored to align with the unique goals of clients and their families.


This comprehensive model is particularly beneficial for individuals transitioning from residential treatment or undergoing intensive outpatient programs. As a coach, I serve as a vital link between all healthcare providers, offering weekly status updates to concerned parties. I actively support clients in establishing a robust recovery support team, aiding in the formation of social support groups, and providing referrals to medical and psychiatric care as needed.


Emphasizing individual accountability, recovery coaching is a key component in preventing relapse and supporting ongoing recovery efforts. Regularly scheduled sessions, daily check-ins via text, urine drug screening, and family calls contribute to a holistic approach that addresses various facets of the recovery journey.


For families seeking collective healing, family recovery coaching offers a suitable model to guide the entire family from addiction to recovery. Involving the family in the recovery process enhances an individual's success, fostering healthy boundaries and improving communication patterns among key figures in the person’s life.


Together, through the empowerment of recovery coaching, we can navigate the path towards lasting healing and transformative change.

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